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Team: Shrewsbury

League 1Teams: 24
PlayedPointsGoal Diff.Goals Scored
Shrewsbury’s Outcome percentage.
Outcomes for League 1 are:
1-2 Automatic promotion (2 teams)
3-6 Playoff place (4 teams)
7-12 Top half (6 teams)
13-20 Bottom half (8 teams)
21-24 Relegation (4 teams)
probs4.club’s position distribution for Shrewsbury
Percentage outcome, position and points for Shrewsbury’s
Comparing historical outcomes verses probs4.club's calculations
historical data from all efl completed 24 team seasons since start of 3pts for win (1981/2)
Distribution of Shrewsbury’s outcome by points.
Shrewsbury’s percentage outcome by points.
Percentages based on very low occurrences (far left or right) are likely to be 'inaccurate'
Distribution of Shrewsbury’s position by points.